Car washing hand gloves (Pack of 1)

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Our car-washing hand gloves are the perfect way to wash your car. This glove is made of premium double-sided chenille, soft microfiber material that provides a scratch-free and lint-free wash. This will fit your hand just right and make washing easy, even for those who have limited mobility. Our soft microfiber material is the perfect sponge to gently scrub any surface, delivering a clean car in no time. Simply attach one side of the glove to your hand, add soap and water to the other side, scrub your car's surface as you would with a brush, rinse and repeat.


1. These hand gloves can effectively remove grime from small seams, slightly curved automobile grooves, and other difficult-to-reach areas that sponges could never reach.

2. Our Microfiber Gloves are machine washable. Also, you can use it to wash your automobile as well as your house, kitchen, furniture, glass windows, doors, and mirrors, among other things.

3. It can provide a scratch-free, lint-free, and swirl-free finish for peace of mind and excellent results. These ultra-soft microfiber vehicle washing hand gloves will keep your car clean without scratching it.

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