Steamjet Wash & Wax Machine FX-1D Double Hose

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Dimension W x L x M 540 x 909 x 750mm
Electric power consumption 200W
Steam pressure 6~8 Bar
Steam temperature 80~90 C (176~203 'F)
Preheating time 1 minute
Water consumption 650~950cc/min (users can adjust)
Materials Stainless steel, aluminum, PA, PE, ABS
Automatic wax mixing device (on/off function)
Hose Length 10 meters
Weight 67 kg
Water tank capacity 21 Liters
Wax tank capacity 6.5 liters
Diesel fuel tank capacity 6.5 liters
Electric power rate 110~220V (SO/60hz)


1.   Steam washing is 40% faster than other conventional washing methods.

2.   1 litre of water is producing 1000 volume of steam which totally saves water resources, No sewage.

3.   Steam wash is recommended for engine wash & it is safe as no chemicals are used.

4.   Steam pressure is only 6-8 bars & temperature is only 70-80 degree Celsius which is totally safe for engine and top body wash.

5.   Our STEAMJET machine is patented (Wax & steam) in a single action this forces out tiniest dust and sand particles of the car as no other steam machine is capable of doing this.

6.   System consumes only 200 watts power and minimum fuel.

7.   STEAMJET commercial grade equipment can run all day non- stop.

8.   All stainless steel and rust proof structure.

9.   Fully CPU controlled with 8 different phases of Automatic safety features.

10.28  levels of steam moisture control depending upon the dirt level.

11.Well -modulated system can diagnose and troubleshoot over the phone.

12.STEAMJET Wax last up to 8 times longer than convectional car wash.

Matching up with the requirements of our clients, we are involved in offering Double Hose Steam Jet Car Wash. STEAMJET is the product of 10 years of R&D designed for premium and distinctive steam car wash. It's the only machine in the world with patent technology that can spray steam and wax simultaneously. It's capable of generating high- pressure steam above 8 bar or pressure within I minute. The Wash & Wax as a single potent action forces out tiniest dust and sand particles off the car with high-pressure steam. The moisture element flows down to pick up the residues off the surface. The wax mixing device sprays warm wax to car surface leaving coating was as wipe off moisture. STEAMJET Wax lasts up to 8 times longer than conventional car wash.


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