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Microfiber Towel 380Gsm (Pack of 5)

Microfiber Towel 380Gsm (Pack of 5)
Microfiber Towel 380Gsm (Pack of 5)

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Microfiber Towel 380Gsm (Pack of 5)
Brand Name : Rapid
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Microfiber Is Able To Pick Up Dist Dust And Even Bacteria 

Microfiber Cloths Can Be Used Wet Or Dry On Any Surface In Your Home.

Microfiber Cleans Well With Just Water For A Chemical Free Household

Dusting Your Home Or Office

Removing Streaks On Glass And Stainless Steel

Scrubbing Bathrooms

Cleaning Appliances

Wiping Down Kitchen Counters

Car Interiors And Exteriors

Anywhere You Would Normally Use A Paper Towel Or Cloth Towel.

Tanishka Microfiber Cloth Offers High-Quality Products That Are Made Of Lint-Free Microfiber For The Interior And Exterior Of Any Surface. Use Tanishka Microfiber Cleaning Products To Clean Any Surfaces In Your Home, Automobile, And Other Appliances. Enjoy The Premium Tanishka Microfiber Goods, Which Have Practically Unlimited Uses.These Microfiber Towels Require Minimal Cleaning Agents And A Small Amount Of Water For Effortless Cleaning. You Can Wash Your Automobile Very Easily Because It Is Easy To Handle And Light In Weight. These Cloths Use Static Charges To Attract And Trap Dirt Within The Fibers, So They Don't Leave Any Dust, Grime, Or Residue. This Cloth Can Easily Remove Even The Toughest Stains, Spills, And Oils From The Dashboard, Upholstery, Mirror, Side Panel, Bonnet, And Almost Every Other Part Of Your Car. It Has An Ultra-Soft Microfiber Cloth Material.The Microfiber Is Highly Absorbent And Can Hold Up To 3–4 Times Its Weight In Water While Absorbing Up To 98% Of Moisture. You Can Use It As A Paper Towel Or Cloth Towel Anywhere, Like For Dusting Your Home Or Office, Scrubbing Bathrooms, Cleaning Appliances, Or Even Wiping Down Your Kitchen Counter.

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