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Perfect Degrease

Perfect Degrease
Perfect Degrease
Perfect Degrease
Perfect Degrease
Perfect Degrease
Perfect Degrease

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Perfect Degrease
Brand Name : Mafra
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  • Always clean your vehicle in spacious place which ensures the engine dirt doesn’t damage the surrounding premises and is properly conveyed to designated drain systems.
  • Electrical parts needs protection so cover them up using a plastic sheet or bag. Direct use of water over them can damage them.
  • Protect the air infeed in engine from water flow. Use plastic to cover up the pipe.
  • Apply evenly the car degreaser over the engine parts.
  • Properly rinse using clean water or damp cloth.
  • Allow the engine to dry till all the water and humidity evaporates.
  • Once done with cleaning process, remove off all the protection and plastic used.
  • Dissolves heavy dirt and grime deposits.
  • Provides engine a professional clean up
  • Protects engine overall
  • High Quality in nature
  • Easy to use
  • Dilution ratio: 1:4

Super concentrated Degreaser, with MA-FRA technology, is innovative multi-use and a heavy dirt remover. Powerful and fast, it offers unbeatable performance. Degreaser is an easy and extremely efficient solution to any problem of grease removal or deep cleaning at 360°. This Ma-Fra degreaser exceeds expectations by instantly breaking down all sorts of toughest grease and contaminants. Its fast acting, rinsing formula prevents unsightly white residue stains on the surface. For exterior use only.


Super concentrated degreaser is innovative and heavy dirt remover which can be used multi-dimensional. It offers unbeatable, fast and powerful performance. It is quite easy to use and much efficient solution to beat any dirt, dust and grease and delivering ultimate cleaning of 360 degree. This degreaser for car from Ma-Fra exceeds users’ expectations by continuously beating and washing off all types of toughest grease, dirt and other environmental contaminants. It is instant acting, vehicle rinsing formula which prevents white residue and other stains on the surface. This car care product is mainly for external cleaning only. If you are looking for something effective in cleaner and degreaser, you can always choose this super concentrated degreaser from Manmachine Works.

External parts of car are usually affected by dirt, dust, grease, grime and oil deposits. These components are quite small but are significant elements which can all layer up for affecting the performance and look and feel of your vehicle. That’s why this heavy-duty degreaser has been created to take care of your car mainly engine. This engine degreaser directly penetrates and instantly dissolves the heavy layered dirt and deposits. The mechanical parts of car including engine and other external surface becomes easily layered with smog, oil, grease and hard stains. What you in this situation is a quality degreaser which is suitable to clean off the car engine and removes the traces effectively from external surface without harming the external parts where it is applied.

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deepak singh
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