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Underseal Protection Transparent Anti Rust

Underseal Protection Transparent Anti Rust
Underseal Protection Transparent Anti Rust

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Underseal Protection Transparent Anti Rust
Brand Name : Addlub
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Vehicle's body is under continuous attack by corrosive elements such as unnoticed rain water, water enters through doors, glass channels during washing and gets deposited the inside the doors, mudguard and running board etc.These are also the known clear of rust. AddlubTransparent Anti Rust Treatment is crystal clear rust penetration from inside to outside. It is formulated to provide long term protection to car's under bonnet hood under body, mudguard, running board, and dicky inner surface to a corrosive environment.The surfaces which have to be treated with undersea! (Transparent) must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Rust must be removed. The surfaces must be dry and free of wax, dirt and grease and extensivelyfree of dust.ls to be applied with Part no.2101 Addlub Anti corrosive Spray gun.

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