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X8.5 Coarse Cutting Compound

X8.5 Coarse Cutting Compound
X8.5 Coarse Cutting Compound

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X8.5 Coarse Cutting Compound
Brand Name : Rupes
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X8.5 is a high-performance compound from RUPES designed for maximum efficiency in multiple industries. This fast cutting. body shop safe, compound is ideal for technicians who want quick defect removal, a smooth user experience, low dusting, easy wipe off, and good gloss finishing from a single product.


·         Engineered for rotary polisher, suitable also for random orbital and gear driven polisher.

·         Shake well before use.

·         Select pad type based on desired level of defect removal and paint hardness, best performance with wool.

·         Prime pad by applying the compound to the face of the pad.

·         Wipe away residue with a clean, soft microfiber cloth and inspect the surface for results.


Properly decontaminate the surface prior to beginning any 1 polishing procedure. Clean pads frequently with compressed air or RUPES Claw Pad Tool to maintain consistent performance. Do not over-saturate the pad with compound. For best performance always use with RUPES polishing pads Rupes Twisted Polishing Wool Pad or Rupes Cut&Finish polishing Sed are Mue waffle pad for lighter cutting. recommended for maximum cutting, blue foam pad or blue wool pad for lighter cutting.

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