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Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling

Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling
Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling
Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling
Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling

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Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling
Brand Name : A Clean Club Machinery
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Nylon sleeve gear couplings are compatible with motor/generator sets, motor/pump sets, and many other light duty industrial settings. They are also compact, efficient, and can transmit a high level of torque relative to their size and weight. They also operate silently, are electrically isolating, and maintenance free. Nylon sleeve gear couplings are available in different sizes, including:
14/40, 19/48, 24/52, 28/66, 32/76, 38/83, 42/92, 48/100, 65/140, and 80/175. 
You can also get nylon sleeve gear couplings that are directly interchangeable with some other makes. Gear couplings come in two varieties, flanged sleeve and continuous sleeve. Flanged gear couplings have short sleeves surrounded by a perpendicular flange. One sleeve is set on each pole so the two flanges line up face to face. A series of screws or bolts hold the flanges together.

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